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Liviit is an all-in-one social, communication and digital life management app designed to connect family, friends and community in a safe and secure space.

For younger users, Liviit can be a private platform to start their digital journey and for older users Liviit can offer the opportunity to take back control of their digital life
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The app your friends and family will love

Combining popular features of today's mainstream platforms in one safe environment, our user can connect, share and manage their day to day life in one easy to use app.

Liviit allows a group of users to create a private hub so they can share content, chat & make video calls, store and share multimedia & files, manage a shared calendar, create to-do lists and more.

Connecting People


Liviit is safe, secure and ad free. Your data will be safe with us and won't be shared with 3rd parties.

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Take back control of your digital life with this all-in-one app

Personal privacy and date security incluging COPPA and GDPR are part of Liviit's DNA. Your data is safe, your privacy is protected and your identity remains yours alone.

A private hub packed full of features

Private hubs are the perfect place for all ages to interact, chat, video call, store and share files, calendars, to-do lists and more. All easy to manage via an user friendly native app and web interface dashboard.

Liviit Features

Experience the difference

Safety first. You will always know who you're talking to and can securely share and store everything that is important to you and your family. There are no ads and your data won't be shared.

Security Features

Connecting people

Liviit connects people of all ages in the most secure way. Our user-friendly design ensures that no one will be left out.

Families & Friends

Keep your family activities private within the family. This hub is the place for all ages to interact, share images, make plans and store files. Online family fun can now be secure, private and shared together.

School, Teams & Clubs

Here is a fantastic, completely private digital clubroom where your sporting team can meet and plan, connect with the coach and share strategies for your next big win.

Work & Projects

You can manage projects, connect with co-workers and colleagues in your own private and secure virtual work hub. Easily collaborate via private messaging, shared calendar, tasklists and file storage.

Login to your account on multiple devices

Our mobile and web app solution allows you to login and better manage your life across different platforms and devices.

Creating a safe and secure environment

Personal privacy and date security are part of Liviit's DNA

Linked Accounts

Parents can create a COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant user account for their children that they manage account settings and oversee activity.

Age Classifications

Managing age appropriate content is a significant issue for many digital users. Liviit allows its users to share content with G, PG, 15+ and 18+ age classifications.

User Privacy

Privacy online is a focus of the Liviit platform and therefore all user settings are automatically set private and can be changed to public if the user chooses to do so.

Data Security

Securing our users data, content, multimedia and files is very important to Liviit. We do not share our users information with 3rd parties or used are for advertising purposes.

Liviit Features

Liviit offers a new simpler way to organise your personal, social and work life. You can now enjoy the best features of all the popular social media platforms rolled into one.


Customisable dashboards. You can choose your design and colours and manage all important feeds in one spot.


Your personal and shared hub feeds keeps you up to date with your connections and their activities.

Video Calls

Connect with your friends via high quality video calls across multiple devices.

Messaging & Chat

You have the option of connecting with friends and family one to one or all together.

Private Hubs

In some cases, external moderating of accounts will be required. All hubs can be classified G, P , M and R.

File Sharing

The custom designed vault safely stores important images, videos and files.

Shared Calendars

A multi-purpose calendar integrated on your dashboard helps you organise your day.

To Do Lists

You can easily share to do lists with your family, club or work colleagues.

What's inside the App?

Enjoy the best features of all the popular social media platforms rolled into one. Liviit offers video chat, group chats, shared calendars and task lists, secure file sharing and storage, private hubs and more.

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Liviit users are
simply loving the App

Liviit is a wonderfully simple app to use and has loads of features. I use Liviit for connecting with family and friends as well as in my work life to connect with colleagues

Matt Melbourne

Connecting with family and friends all over the world has been made ever so easy in the digital world. With Liviit I can do this with ease and the protections for kids is great.

Jason Sydney

I use social media everyday and love that I can connect with all my loved ones, Liviit gives me all the features of other platforms but just is a more private way which I like the most.

Lucy Melbourne

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