Why Liviit?

Liviit was born out of a desire to improve online safety, security and inclusiveness and will create a significant change in how we all manage our digital lives.

Our safety first approach is unique and important. A highly developed user management system means we can adhere to all the protection rules currently in place(COPPA and GDPR) and continue to offer personal privacy and data security for everyone.

Why is Liviit unique?

Personal privacy and date security incluging COPPA and GDPR are part of Liviit's DNA. Your data is safe, your privacy is protected and your identity remains yours alone.

Linked Accounts

You can establish and link a COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule) compliant account for everyone in your family group.

Age Classifications

In some cases, external moderating of accounts will be required. All hubs can be classified G, P, M and R to assist with this.

User Privacy

All settings are automatically private although they can be changed to public. With other platforms it’s often the other way around.

Data Security

We use secure technology store your files and data. No details will be shared with 3rd parties or used it for advertising purposes.

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