Liviit Features

Liviit offers a new simpler way to organise your personal, social and work life. You can now enjoy the best features of popular platforms rolled into one.

User Dashboard

Customisable dashboards. You can choose your design and colours and manage all important feeds in one spot.

Activity Feeds

Your personal and shared hub feeds keeps you up to date with your connections and their activities.

Messaging & Chat

You have the option of connecting with friends and family one to one or all together.

Audio & Video Calls

Connect with your friends and family via audio and video calls across multiple devices.

Private Hubs

In some cases, external moderating of accounts will be required. All hubs can be classified G, P , M and R.

File Sharing

The custom designed multimedia vault safely stores important images, videos and files.

Shared Calendars

A multi-purpose calendar integrated on your dashboard and hubs helps you organise your day.

To Do Lists

You can easily create and share to do lists with your family, club or work colleagues.

Liviit Apps

Our mobile and web app solution allows you to login and better manage your life across different platforms and devices.

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