About Liviit

Liviit is a digital platform that has taken 10 years to develop. It was born out of a desire to increase online safety, security and inclusiveness and will create a significant change in how we use the internet and support apps.

Our Mission

Our safety first approach is unique and important. A highly developed user management system means we can adhere to all the protection rules currently in place(COPPA and GDPR) and continue to offer personal privacy and data security for everyone.

The user friendly design ensures no one will be left out. We are committed to attracting people of all ages and offering the best solution for all users. Everyone has a desire to connect and share with each other and Liviit makes it possible.

Our Vision

We will continue to look to the future. Our functions and features will consistently reflect the latest technological breakthroughs.

Providing a platform for all ages using the highest level of security and safety.

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